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Modular organization data management platform custom-built within our organization as a more efficient alternative to currently available offerings. The PULSE platform is built on PHP, MySQL, and HTML.

PULSE Module
When referring to areas of functionality within Pulse, we call them Modules.

Web Module
Manage website pages, billboards, files, tiles, html blocks, galleries, and testimonials.

Blog Module
Create and manage blog/article posts.

Forms Module
Create and manage custom forms on the website.

Calendar Module
Add events to a basic calendar.

Inventory Module
Manage inventory items to display online. (Note: not a shop platform)

Managed SMTP Service
Third-party mail delivery system. This is to ensure all users can receive communication from the website.

Member Portal
Secure section on the site where there is member-only access to content. The portal is a member management tool as well.

Managed Website
Optional managed websites allow for 1 hour per month for minor updates, fixes, and optimization. This is a more effective use of time as more can be completed at once rather than by request throughout the month.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way for you to increase visibility in a search engine – primarily Google.

SEO practices we implement on our websites.
  1. Page Load Speed: The most important factor to ranking well is page load speed. Ensuring a fast-loading page reduces the bounce rate on the website keeping people from immediately leaving the site. PULSE is a lightweight platform producing lightweight output. (No Bloat)
  2. Content Optimization: This includes using title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and image alt text.
  3. Analytics: Adding Google Analytics to track your website stats. This is important to identify where work may be required to improve the website.
  4. Content creation: continuously adding new and relevant content gives people a reason to visit your website.
  5. Mobile optimized: A large majority of people are browsing the web on a mobile device. The site must be mobile-friendly.
SEO is highly competitive, and the ROI can often be very low. It is important to remember that the user experience is more important than any SEO work. If your site is hard to use/navigate, slow, or not delivering the information required, no amount of SEO will help your website.

We recommend content creation (photography/videography) and the use of social media to drive traffic to your website. The benefits of content creation are that you have something tangible for what you pay for that can serve multiple purposes (website content, social media content, print and online promotion material, marketing material, and advertising material). This content is also unique to you and something no one else has.

Domain names and length of existence also play a role in your ranking on Google. A brand-new domain will take time to rank in Google. Shorter domains are more desirable as they are more memorable and easier to type from a domain email address standpoint.

Google (and other search engines) algorithms are constantly changing. There is no “one size fits all” way to implement SEO and it is important to focus on the things that work for you and your business. Nothing happens overnight and can often take weeks or months to see results. It is important to update and maintain website content regularly to keep your site from going stale. New content brings more visitors, increasing visibility.

SEO tactics we do not recommend that can be penalized by Google:
  • Keyword loading
  • Negative SEO
  • SEO bait and switch
  • Using AI-generated content or imagery (possible future detriment)

What is hosting?

Coming Soon!

What is SSL?

Coming Soon!

What visual content do you recommend?


We offer custom photography packages for your website through psicorpmedia.com. A custom photoshoot is the best way to add your personal touch to the content on your website.

Two alternatives we recommend are providing your own content (higher quality, the better) or purchasing stock photos. The site we recommend is purchasing through iStock (photos cost 1-3 credits and no subscription required). We are also launching our own personal stock photo website with our own photographers content (Coming Soon!)


Video is a great way to add visual value to your website. We can create banner videos for your website as well as longer form videos that can be embedded on your website pages.

How do you test your website's performance?

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